Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A thought unfinished..

If you were to think about the way that we work as people, most of us are only alive for others. As if we get a thrill out of purely being in others company. Maybe it's because we are able to feel certain things with others that we can't feel alone. I can't stay, but why do we all have this obsession with the company of others? So many people lack the ability to love themselves, which to me seems ridiculous. Self loathing never got us anywhere. To be able to love another, surely we need to be able to love ourselves. Yet, most of the people I know prefer others company to their own.

You know that feeling you get when you get off the tube, and the tube doors close and you begin to walk to the next platform. The tube starts moving, and you walk in the same direction. You feel as if your not moving at all, in fact you even begin to convince yourself that you're moving backwards. When in fact, your just walking slightly slower than the tube. That's where a lot of people are, moving forward, but all they can feel is where they were in the first place, and most people have no idea why... There's a slight sense of compassion felt towards others in the same situation as yourself. You feel you can bond with them without any words due to the similar situation you appear to be in. It's how a smoker may feel when stuck outside in the rain next to another smoker. All of a sudden you feel for each other as you both understand the sheer anger towards the government for being unable to enjoy a cigarette in the pub. Suddenly, you feel closer together because of the ridiculous punishment you are giving yourself. I suppose this must be the reason why certain ethnic groups, social groups and other divisions come about. For instance, two lower class people are more likely to get on because of the daily struggles they can both relate to. However, in our society today, people are criticized for being in their certain stereotypical groups. When perhaps two people from two different cultures would get on perfectly, were it not for the ridiculous criticisms we believe in.

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