Thursday, 30 July 2009


It's strange how human beings can detach themselves from emotions. One moment you can think your deeply in love with a perfect stranger, and the next moment you realise it was just a pretty face filling the time when you felt lonely. I think we all try to place people in our lives when we feel something is missing, and sometimes those people don't fit properly, and no matter how hard you try, they won't ever fit. Sort of like a warped tetris game, when you can't seem to fit the pieces so that they connect to form a line. Those perfect strangers are those tetris pieces. Perhaps the stereotypical love scene from a film sways the hopeless romantic inside us, and we are led to believe we have found the one and only person needed in our lives, but after those dream world months of a relationship, we soon realise that we need someone or something else to take their place, because it turns out that his scruffy hair isn't cute anymore, it's untidy, and his funny snore isn't funny anymore it just keeps you awake, and the way he finishes your sentences is no longer hopelessly romantic, it's just fucking annoying, and so you detach yourself from those emotions that bought you together, and you start again with some other fucker.


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