Sunday, 8 March 2009

A train of thought..

I'm not quite sure what appears to be happening in my mind. But I feel as though I could sit here and spill my thoughts here until there was no room left to write. The ingredients have been let loose in my head, like a cake mixture. Adding more flour and sugar, easing it together with thick slabs of melting butter that stick to your hand. What follows is the flour, butter, and sugar of my mind:

I found myself quietly creeping downstairs to retrieve my last cup of tea for the day, and ironically, a cupcake, once the tea was made and the colour of the cupcake safely set in my mind, I climbed back up the stairs to put my thoughts to rest, and clamber into bed. In this mind frame at 11.36pm, I reached my fathers room, where upon a series of questions were directed my way in order to carry on the caring and loving relationship we had. The questions bounced back and forth, and I began to tell him about the book I was reading, until something I hadn't quite expected was let loose into the air between us, which is often what happens with language.
'You see all these books you read..' He said, 'They can be influential, put ideas in your head. That's why I read a bit in the paper, watch a bit of the news and make up my own mind.' He carried on, with hand gestures to accompany the obvious difference between the news and the paper. This was a fair point, but surely reading a book on the philosophy and logic of love was merely educating me on life, and an area of problems that I have only touched upon so far. I was reading, and ingesting peoples views simply in order to help me form solidified opinions. But maybe not everything needs to be logical- especially love. Yet, I seem to have a need to understand what we as humans, do, and why we do it. He had a fair point. However, I couldn't ignore the idea of people slipping things into our minds, which proves my point perfectly. The little reassurance we have of truth these days means we have to read, watch, hear and feel the right and the wrong.
The idea that media, books, gossip etc. aren't influential is insanity. Of course we've seen it happen in a number of cases in history. The rise of Hitler, Stalin and to this day, Mugabe. However, I did not believe my short, moral novels and philosophical stories on love were an attempt to subliminally persuade me to vote for a world leader that would leave us in fear, and mass kill a race.
But, through this meaningless train of thought, in a sense, my fathers right. Books do effect us, as does violence in media, apparently causing some teenagers to pull a 'Tarantino style' attack. But that's the way that teenager took in that film. he absorbed it in a sense that he felt he had to perform, and copy what he saw. Surely, this was just the stupidity of the teenager, and the parenting should be targeted, not Tarantino. The same applies with the knowledge I absorb, it influences me in different ways, and help me to understand more about our foolish actions. And luckily, because of my teaching from my parents, it means I won't be watching 'Kill Bill' and murdering anyone soon.

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