Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Roast Dinner

I arrived home this evening, and went straight to the kettle to make my usual cup of tea. A little bit of milk and 3/4 of a teaspoon of sugar. I opened the fridge to see roast potatoes, and a cooked chicken in foil. Instantly I felt deceived.. they'd had a roast dinner without me. Now, I know this may sound ridiculous, but if there is ever any night I'd decide to stay home, it would be the night that a roast dinner gets cooked. However, I was never informed.
I don't particularly feel like analyzing my feelings towards this certain absence of a roast dinner. But what I do know is that if a roast dinner is going to take place, there should definitely be some kind of notice. Cheers mum. However, I did eat all the left over roast potatoes, and felt slightly victorious. Is that wrong?


  1. Maybe it is wrong to feel victorious about eating all the left over roast potatoes because the roast dinner could have been made as a sign that your mother doesn't have to always make a roast dinner so that you can stay at home and enjoy it with them. Maybe you need to take that initiative yourself in that sense. In the other sense, maybe your mother misses you.
    It sounds weird as i dont know anything about you apart from these blogs. They are quite interesting but it just sounds that you are a person who has a lot to say. Don;t be afraid to cause a stir. Let your thoughts loose and free. It is better to cause a challenging point or hate or love but the worst is to probably cause the feelings of indiference. Use the power you have to stir peoples minds and the effects of those actions will leave you feeling a bigger sense of victory.

  2. also fondu au noir to me is a better song but the music video of comme des enfant is cute

  3. I don't think I really analyzed the fact that my mother left roast potatoes in the fridge. She left them there because no one ate them, and it was more a sarcastic blog post upon this. I think there was more humor intended. Thanks for reading.